Daily 5-Point

Bizness Soup Talk Radio™

“Where Business Comes For Business”

SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES HAVE THESE 5-POINTS. We discuss these 5 points about every business we interview. 

The 5-Points are the Idea, the Plan, the People, the Execution, and the Solution. 

IDEA: We discuss where, when, and how the idea to start your business began.

PLAN: We discuss the products and services the business offers and what separates them from their competition.

PEOPLE: We discuss the management staff and the key people involved in running the business.

EXECUTION: We discuss the steps it took to bring the business to life and to keep it afloat in a changing world.

SOLUTION: We discuss the solutions the business provides for its customers. At the end of the day. Why are the business important to their customers.

Every Business owner is Welcome to Be a Guest on Bizness Soup Talk Radio™

What we talk about:

  • 5-Points
    • The guest and how they created the business
    • The Business Model
    • The insight to the Business Model
    • Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Special Offers to Audience

BizSoup™ is a casual conversation that focuses on the business of business!

Your customers are Listening!